Selasa, 18 Oktober 2011

Nikon 1 J1 10.1 MP HD Digital Camera

Nikon 1 J1 1.10 MP HD Digital Camera is the camera a very responsive and has super speed when taking this image.Camera created for your lifestyle that a Nikon camera modern.With Nikon J1 10.1 you will easily be able to create your creativity because all of the features sophisticated, portability and a new lens system designed to provide maximum work.

Every important moment in your life that you want to make it easy to get going on a Nikon camera j1 HD.With 10.1 MP sensor CX-new format that was developed by Nikon to deliver a super high-speed CMOS AF that capture every moment.From image system through the new lens will be compact share with the interchange with the display image stabilization (VR II) that can have results in a high quality.

Speed ​​of 1 j1 10.1 MP Nikon HD is amazing is the speed of 10 fps in autofocus mode all the pictures can be taken quickly with amazing results, for example when you perform rapid movements like jumping, at the turn of the swimmer, running and other so then you still will get a clear picture. Due to the 73 point AF array then the guarantee that all pictures taken will get perfect results.

Full features and advantages of Nikon Camera 1.10 MP j1 1 HD can we see the following:
1. Focus single 10mm or 30-110mm telephoto. A lens NIKKOR vibration reduction (VR II) can store the images are sharp and produces superior image quality and optical excellence.
2.EXPEED 3 processor system that can provide good performance with high processing speed, state-of-the-art phase-detection autofocus and fastest data transfer speed.
3. AF speed CMOS imaging sensor, broad ISO can produce superb photos
LCD monitors in the creations on the big screen and sharp three-inch color LCD. Ultra-high resolution screen capable of displaying 460k-dots and can show every detail for precision. And there are anti-glare coating makes easy viewing of photos and HD movies, even outdoors.

All the sophisticated technology on a Nikon 1J1 10.1 MP  HD was designed with ease so that users can use the camera with ease.Access to advanced features are the hallmarks of a Nikon system. All the intuitive buttons on the camera in Nikon's easy to pelajari.Jadi you do not need to worry can not use this camera.

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